Coastal Adventure. Wildlife Boat Tours

2 Hours (approx)

Ethical Wildlife Boat Tours

Get whisker to whisker with super cute fur seals and other fascinating wildlife, above and underwater.

Aboard the Ocean Prowler we will take you on an unprecedented coastal journey

See amazing cave and cliff formations, learn about the beautiful turquoise colour of Tasmania’s temperate waters and chance to spot dolphins, albatrosses or even a whale on the yearly migration. Anything is possible. Everyday brings a chance of a very special experience.

Our boat trips are tailored to those who want to be exposed to the elements, who share a passion for the marine environment and want to help give a bit back. We ensure minimal impact on the environment and by joining our tour you support us with our wildlife conservation work.

We have a huge passion for the ocean, marine life and the eco-system that supports us and see ourselves as ocean custodians. Our aim is to reconnect people with the natural environment and to raise understanding for the value of protecting the world’s coastal zones. We think it is an awesome gift to be able to soak up the beauty of Tasmania’s coastline on our trips, to observe wild marine animals underwater and to see how well adapted they are to their environment. It is even better to share it with people who care and double the joy.


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