Railway History Tour

2 Hours (approx)


Aboard a bogie flat wagon built in the 1890s, lovingly restored as a passenger carriage, the two hour return trip features…

  • forests
  • buttongrass plains
  • beautiful bay views
  • so many historical points of interest
  • aboriginal middens
  • the site of the original Ida Bay township
  • the remains of a river steamer now slowly being swallowed by nature
  • an historic old cemetery where pioneers, the Tylers and the Jaegers, were laid to rest (a fascinating stop here)


Background Information

The tramway was opened in 1919 to facilitate the transportation of Limestone from the quarry west of Lune River to a jetty at Ida Bay. During 1975, freight operations ceased. The Tramway was purchased by the Tasmanian Government in 1977 and converted to a tourist attraction. It is a uniquely total experience of Tasmania’s far south.

“It has been a nice trip to the beach side, beautiful weather too. Look the two in harmony, lately enjoyed the wonderful tour, sunshine, and sea breeze”   Hugh

“Well that was just good fun, and you end up at a beautiful beach, where you can get off and have a picnic lunch. Just make sure you catch the next train back, we can highly recommend this activity, thanks Ida Bay, well done”    Roger Van Beeck



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