Learn to Fly Experience in Hobart

2 Hours (approx)

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to fly, or dreamt of a career as a commercial pilot?

Before you consider your options there’s a key first step you need to take .. and it’s easy to do!

Book in for your ‘Learn to fly experience’ to get hands-on with flying and see where learning to fly could take you. Your flight is a 30 minute introductory lesson under the guidance of one of our friendly, professional flight instructors.

“A fabulous day in this stunning remote corner of our island made even better by our pilots Bec and Nikita who took care of us all day. There expertise, knowledge, attention to detail, friendliness and professionalism all wrapped up in a sense of humour made us feel spoiled from takeoff to landing.Thanks ladies … Winner with you two !!”  Helen Evans 

“We booked a tour with Par Avion “A Day in the Wilderness” and are so excited about this day, which was one of the most impressive of our lives. In addition to the great organisation, it was especially our pilot / skipper / hunter James Rice who made this day unforgettable Many Thanks!”  Andreas Bosse

“Well after a couple of false starts today we took the Day in the Wilderness Tour- amazing, incredible, fantastic.…….the flights, scenery and food….but most importantly the guides and pilots. Loved it!!! Now to save for the next trip”  Zebbies Chambo 


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