Maria Island Winter Gourmet Picnic

8 Hours



As locals, one of the biggest things we love about Tasmania is that it has so much diversity in such a small place. This makes Maria Island one of our favourite spots. It’s like Tasmania within Tasmania.


Known to the puthikwilayti band of aborigines, wukaluwikiwayna/Maria Island is rich in natural and cultural heritage. People from many nations have visited this island that sits just off the Tasmanian mainland. Frequented by the Aborigines, named by the Dutch, explored by the French, transformed by the English, styled by an Italian and farmed by a South African – the human history is only the surface. For those intrigued by geology, flora and fauna, Maria is a wonderland of discovery with towering mountain peaks, dreamy white beaches, bird rich forests and ancient, fossil rich cliffs. 

Join us and explore this island as a local would, only with nicer food and wine.


 Maria island Picnic

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  • Depart Hobart, travel to the stunning East Coast via the original route cut by convicts, arrive and ferry check in at Triabunna 10AM.

  • Enjoy a hot drink and morning treat as we cross the Mercury Passage, looking out for marine life such as dolphins, seals and bird life.

  • Arrive to Maria Island National Park, look over walking map, be greeted by the island’s history and head off for a morning walk. 

  • Explore one of Tasmania;’s 60 Great Short Walks, plus much more. 


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